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​Presides over the Wild Nature School

​伴 昌彦

Masahiko Ban

I run a wild school based on the concept of restoring the wild in us. As an agricultural producer, he also grows vegetables on his wild farm, the Ban, using mainly pesticide-free, fertiliser-free and no-till farming methods.


As curator of the "wild", I would like to invite various lecturers to the "Wild Nature School" and explore with you, sometimes through fieldwork and sometimes through classroom lectures, what kind of wildness we used to live with and what kind of mythical world we used to live in.


About  the "Wild Nature School"

the "Wild"


Our concept is to "reclaim the wild within".

In the process of developing civilisation, man has lost many powers in exchange for comfort and convenience.

The power to coexist with animals and insects, the power to fight healthily, the power to help others, the power to heal oneself, the power to think for oneself, the power to live, and such wild powers seem to be increasingly lost in recent years.

Having lost the power of the wild, man fears nature, which he cannot control, and fills the world with man-made objects, relies on medical treatment for fear of disease, and tries to solve everything with whatever technology is superior at the time.

It may be in the nature of the human animal to try to control nature, and this may be natural, but humans are also inherently part of the greater nature.

In an over-controlled environment, the natural ability of living things to resist disease diminishes, or they feel stressed and seek nature.

But if we look around when we are looking for nature, in many cases there has been excessive human intervention and the ecosystem has become unbalanced and degraded. You could say that nature has also lost its wild power.

In the long run, degraded nature will recover and build new ecosystems after the end of human civilisation.

But if we can build a civilisation that is in harmony with nature, society will be more enjoyable, more interesting and longer lasting.

The School of the Wild aims to be one of the triggers for the creation of such a new civilisation.

It is a school where people can enjoy learning and exploring such things as how to use their bodies, how to improve their ability to prevent disease, the wisdom of indigenous peoples, methods of natural regeneration and methods of food production in harmony with the ecosystem.



One of the fields in our proposed curriculum [Creating Edible Forests] has native sawtooth oak (acorn) trees.


We hope that the acorns in the Edible Forest will remind us of the joyful rituals of the past, and that we can gradually recover the wildness we have forgotten.

Guides to the Wild

Meet the teachers of The Wild Nature School.

List of courses



Lectures on dogs and hunting (classroom)

Cultural anthropology, Benin tribes (classroom)

Physical art and philosophy of Kobudo (workshop/classroom)

Contact us

Please contact us for more information.


7029 Magino Midori-ku,

Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken 252-0186

Masahiko Ban


Thank you for your enquiry.

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