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[Creating Edible Forests] Workshop 1330-

*Afternoon session (1330-1630)

  • 2,000円
  • Makisato Primary School


Course content: ▪️ Morning session (930-1230) [Forest maintenance workshop focusing on air and water flow] The workshop will focus on the flow of air and water through the forest, including cutting the thickets that cover the forest floor to allow air to pass through and rescuing trees that have been smothered by the thickets. The workshop will also focus on - Finding trees that can be eaten (we have already identified tea trees and sansho (Japanese pepper) trees growing wild!) We will consider what kind of fruit trees and wild plants to plant in the future, taking into account symbiosis. Participants will also learn how to identify trees, dangerous plants and mushrooms, oak wilt and much more about forests from Mr Iketake, the Plant Uncle. ▪️ Afternoon session (1330-1630) [Cooking and tasting workshop on the bounty of the forest] Participants will search for edible plants and grasses growing in the forest and eat the ones they find as tempura or make wild plant enzyme juice. Using acorns, everyone will make and taste delicious pancakes.



  • 7029 Magino, Midori Ward, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan

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