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Wild Nature Farm
The BANN news vol.4

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Photo:Junichiro Morinaga

Text: Kayo Arita

Lecture on Pickles Made from Seeds with Genius Pickling Expert Jin-kun in Wild Paradise

Report -December 6: Temporary pickles section, December 11: Pickles section section

Last time, the participants in Wild Paradise shivered in the cold and drizzling rain, but they were able to harvest the vegetables and make pickles with them.


On December 6, we will start the preparation for the temporary pickling.











On December 11, we will finally hold the main pickling workshop. At the beginning of the workshop, the participants tasted the vegetables that were tentatively pickled last time.

Master Jinn, this is just delicious, isn't it?


I said, "Naturally grown, additive-free pickles are usually sold in this state. But I would say that this state is not yet finished. But this state is not yet finished, from my point of view.


The audience gasped in surprise at his words.


When the fermentation of lactic acid

bacteria progresses and Jomon pickles

are completed, they become

more sour like pickles.

It will taste like something you would

like to eat in the summer.


You can still taste the salt, can't you?

When the pickles are finished,

the salt is removed and more flavor

and lactic acid bacteria are added.


Even though it is still in a state of temporary pickling It is delicious. For those who eat it for the first time can't imagine how good it tastes with only salt and bran. I think it is hard to imagine that it tastes so good with just salt and bran.


The reason for this is that people today have been I think the reason is that people today have been ingrained with a lot of things in their minds.

I am still inexperienced, so I have to learn something. I am still immature, so I have to learn something. They have been imprinted by their subconscious mind that they have to learn something and become a respectable adult.


The truth is that I already have all the important things, but I am forced to put more information into my head every day than I need. I don't have enough, and because I have been raised that way, I tend to add things to my life. I feel like I have to add something. Even in pickles, I think I need to add more kelp or hawk claws, or more umami.


But we already have what we need to live.

That is the earth.


There are many lactic acid bacteria in the earth.

There are various other bacteria, and lactobacilli keep those various bacteria in peace.


Japanese people have been eating pickles since ancient times. They have made pickles with only salt, things from the earth, and energy from the earth. The information that humans need today is found in the natural world. Therefore, there is no need to study anything.


Just salt and the blessings of the earth give a very complex taste. I wonder how such a simple taste can be created. We cannot see the function of bacteria, and it is difficult for us to understand it even if we try to understand it with our thoughts.


I don't need all the things that have been instilled in me up to now, that I need to learn more about because I feel that I am not good enough, and Jomon pickles came down to me. The information I needed to know how to make it came to me naturally. You all really have that ability. The ability to receive messages from the natural world.


From the very beginning of the lecture, the participants, including the author, were all drawn into the world of pickles by Master Jin's simple and easygoing speech.

The participants, including the author, were drawn into the world of pickles at once.


Really, the way to make pickles taught by Master Jin is very simple. The way to make pickles is very simple.

How can such a simple method produce such a complex flavor? How is it that such a simple recipe can have such a complex flavor and taste so delicious? I was surprised at the complexity of the flavors and the deliciousness of the tsukemono pickles. Everyone who tastes it for the first time is amazed. This course is not just a lecture on pickles.


This is not just a lecture on pickles.

Many people have told us that they

have changed their outlook on life

and the way they see the world

after meeting Master Jin.


This precious lecture is held once a year.

If your antennae have been piqued,

please come to Wild Nature Paradise

to meet Master Jin.


December 6

Temporary pickling

Sprinkle salt on daikon leaves and lay them down for production.


Wild Nature Farm The ☆ BANN

In the mountainous area of Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture (formerly Fujino Town), vegetables are grown mainly using pesticide-free, fertilizer-free, and no-till farming methods.

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