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みつろうラップ3枚セット(honeydew Wrap 3-Piece Set)

Sサイズ (約15cm×15cm)

Mサイズ (約20cm×20cm)

Lサイズ (約27cm×27cm)

●みつろうラップを入れてお届けする封筒は再利用して頂けます。Bee simpleのロゴ入り封筒はプレゼントにもピッタリ!




S size (approx. 15 cm x 15 cm)For ginger and small container lids.

M size (approx. 20 cm x 20 cm)For cutting apples, onions, etc., and for lids of plates and rice bowls.

L size (approx. 27 cm x 27 cm)For cutting up pumpkins and other large vegetables, and for the lids of bowls.


●You will enjoy what kind of pattern you will receive.

●You can reuse the envelopes that we deliver with the Mitsuro Wrap.

●The envelopes with the Bee simple logo on them make great gifts!



Honeydew (tested for chemical residues), organic cotton (GOTS certified), jojoba oil (unrefined and pesticide-free), natural resin


○Properties of honey wax wrap○

Each piece is hand-applied by hand using natural materials, so each piece will have a different texture. We hope you will accept wrinkles and slight differences in size, which may occur during the production process, as part of the individuality of the honeydew wrap. (It depends on the usage environment, but if you take good care of it, you can use it repeatedly for about 6 months to 1 year.

みつろうラップ3枚セット(honeydew Wrap 3-Piece Set)

  • みつろうラップとは、みつろうを布に染み込ませて作るラップです。みつろうの性質上、冷蔵庫に入れておくと硬くなり、常温ではやわらかくなります。手のぬくもりで温めることにより、どんな形にもフィットします。さらに、水洗いして繰り返し使えるので、節約になり地球にも優しいエコなラップです。


    A honeydew wrap is made by soaking a cloth in honeydew. Due to the nature of honeydew, it becomes hard when placed in the refrigerator and softens at room temperature. By warming it with the warmth of your hand, it can be made to fit any shape. Furthermore, it can be washed with water and used repeatedly, making it an eco-friendly wrap that saves money and is kind to the earth.

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