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ケツメイシ(エビスグサの種)JAPANESE QUINCE(Chaenomeles)


*The number of production is limited because it takes time to bake carefully.
*Domestic shipping only

ケツメイシ(エビスグサの種)JAPANESE QUINCE(Chaenomeles)

  • エビスグサの種(別名ケツメイシ)は古来から薬草茶として親しまれてきました!炒って煮出してお茶としてお飲み下さい。土にまけば栽培も出来ます。



    Ebisugusa seeds (also known as ketsumeshi) have been used as a herbal tea since ancient times! Please roast and boil them to drink as tea. It can also be cultivated by sowing it in the soil.

    It is believed to be effective for constipation, eye symptoms (conjunctivitis, etc.), and headaches due to hypertension.

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